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sdustashes started this conversation
     I moved to New York after graduating high school in 1999.  I lived here for about 5 years.  I returned to West Virginia when I was 24 to attend college.  My brother who was  13 at the time came to live with me.  It was nearly impossible for me to keep attending school full time, while working forty hour weeks to support myself and my little brother.  I made the choice to withdraw and devote more time to him, and work.   When his school year finished he moved back to my grandmothers, and I moved back to New York.  I was here for about 6 months before I found out I was going to be a mother.  I am excited about this experience.  I want to be able to further my education to better support my baby.  I have no one here just my self.  I want to succeed and build a better future!
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